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Friday, 17 February 2012

Earlier I told you about February's 'The Refresh and Recover Box' themed beauty box by Latest in Beauty which cost £6.95.  I was very keen to try the samples as soon as possible so I'll let you know what I think of them.

The first product I tried was the 'Clarins Multi-Active Day early wrinkle correction cream', 15ml.

Having cleansed my face, I squeezed a little amount onto my finger and applied the cream like I would normally use a day cream.  The bottle itself is a fairly substantial size for a sample which I was pleased with and it should last me a week.

I've never used a Clarins product before so I don't know if their products always have the same scent or not, but it does have a lovely light fragrance like an older woman's perfume.  The cream is actually quite light to the touch, like a silky lotion.  It's easy to massage into the skin, doesn't feel greasy at all and leaves your skin feeling and looking fresh and dewy.  I love the smell of it on my skin and my face feels well moisturised.

As I'm only 30 and I generally have good skin I won't be able to gauge what this is like for wrinkled skin but I can imagine it to be effective judging solely by it's skin quenching properties.


I love hand cream and would say it's my essential beauty product after lip balm, so I was keen to try out the Lavera Basis Sensitiv Hand Cream', 20ml.

I'd not actually heard of this brand before so I came to this product open minded.  The tube looks like a quality product and I was appealed by the fact this cream not only contains both organic almond and shea butter but is vegan society approved.  Animal welfare does interest me greatly so so far this product was looking good.

When I opened the tube I was instantly taken with it's essential oil fragrance, which reminded me of Neal's Yard Remedies' Rejuvenating Frankincense range.  It's a gorgeous heady scent which oozes natural goodness which can only be down to the bountiful oils of soy bean, jojoba seed, sweet almond, sunflower seed, shea butter, and it's plethora of flower extracts and natural scents.

Squeezing the cream out onto my hand it felt luxuriously thick.  It was a treat to massage into my hands which absorbed into my skin well whilst releasing it's natural oils scent.  Once rubbed in my hands felt thoroughly moisturised and smelled lovely.  This cream has definitely found itself on my must have list and is going straight into my handbag.


Being a huge lover of lip balms I was looking forward to trying the pretty 'Balance Me Hydrating Rose Otto and Shea Butter Salve', 15ml.  It's a full size product so a great value addition to the sample selection.

After squeezing the tube for quite some time it was clear the salve was not going to come out easily.  I decided it must need to have a seal broken somewhere inside so I pierced a needle through the applicator hole to open it.

By moving the applicator tip across my lips and gently squeezing the salve out I coated my lips.  It has a very light scent and taste of the rose flower oil which is quite pleasant although I felt the texture let the salve down.

There are quite a few essential oils in the recipe along with shea butter and it's also 63.7% organic, so it is a quality product.  It does feel slightly greasy for my preference though, and the consistency isn't as thick and moisturising as I'd want it to be.  I definitely wouldn't say my lips feel hydrated, more irritated.  I'm quite disappointed that I don't love this product like I thought I would.


The prettiest and most eye catching product of all of the selection is definitely the 'Figs and Rouge Balm', 8ml.  It is such a beautiful little tin with an intricate vintage look.  I score the product 5/5 for it's packaging alone!

The balm is 100% certified organic and is suitable for use on the lips, face, in fact anywhere on your body where you have a little area that needs extra TLC.

You would most associate a balm with petroleum jelly, like Vaseline lip salve, but unlike it, Figs and Rouge balm is petroleum free.

Removing the dainty lid you are met with creamy solid balm and a delicate scent of sweet geranium.  Despite it's high content of natural fruit and flower oils it is not an overpowering fragrance.

I swirled my finger gently around on the salve then rubbed it into my lips, which made my lips tingle a little.  My lips do feel moisturised.  I like this.  A lot.


I will have a little dabble with the rest of the samples in my box and let you know how I get on with the Teapigs remedy, Monu Recovery Balm, Actimints and Cosmetofruit elixir.

Becky x


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