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Friday, 24 February 2012

Today has been a good day.

It didn't start so well this morning though; I woke up half lying on my pillow with a painful crick neck and discovered I've got a dodgy eye again.

For some reason every now and then I get really irritated or infected eyes.  I can't decide whether it's the mould near our backdoor and bathroom (don't you just love crap landlords) that keeps sending my eyes into a hissy fit or if it's the coal fire.  It's basically a knackered ancient old stove fireplace and when it's windy especially, it bellows smoke into the living room.  I'm hoping it's not a full blown infection like conjunctivitis again so I'm frantically dropping 'irritated eye' drops every now and then to relieve the soreness somewhat.

I had a scheduled press shoot in the afternoon so I couldn't believe the timing of my sore, flaming red eye.  I don't like wearing eye make up if I may have an infection because it means my mascara and anything else I use near my eyes has to go the journey.  So, I had to chance it and do my make up anyway.

Unfortunately I'm sworn to secrecy at the moment so I can't let on what I was having pictures taken for but I can say that all will be revealed very very soon.

I didn't get to check my email until I got home this evening and I was happy to see I'd been made 'member of the week' in a newsletter sent by a market research panel I'm part of.  (They incorrectly said I'm in the North West and not the North East, but never mind!) I was quite chuffed with that because I've been really active with my panels lately.  I've had quite a few surveys and secret trials, including some super health foods and some shampoo and conditioner.  I love doing these kinds of surveys and trials because I am quite opinionated but also believe in the power of the consumer.  If we don't say what we think about things that concern us then companies aren't going to know if we like their products or services.  If something is relevant to me then I like my opinion heard.  It's nice to be an important part of a company's brand and if it's not enough to enjoy being heard and find enjoyment in ticking boxes and answering questions then the freebies and rewards are nice when you get them!

Are you on any market research panels?

Becky x


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