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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I love nothing more than a bargain hunt and its all the better if I can find something for free!

Yesterday was a successful day for such expeditions.  I went up to Newcastle with my other half, Sean, yesterday.  I was planning on starting the day getting a professional fitting at Bravissimo (big bra size shop), as their Newcastle store is my nearest branch.  It's based right in the heart of the city in the Eldon Garden Shopping Centre so we parked several streets away from the university on a short stay street.  Parking is usually either hourly rated or permit only, but a generous lunchtime free parking slot from 11am til 2.30pm comes into effect on some streets, which was why we made sure we arrived to park up within this time.  For the sake of some good walking that saved a few pounds!

I hear a lot about freebies going around and there's usually some good competitions running.  Facebook is a good place for game applications where prizes are given out.  (In the past, Walkers gave away lots of large bags of their posh Sensations crisps!)  A Facebook app competition which proved by far THE BEST giveaway in history was Hotel Chocolat over the weekend.  In less than what seemed to be two days they'd given away a range of 90,000 choccy goodies!  Hotel Chocolat chocolate is very pricy but super yummy.  I was ecstatic to win myself a luxury boxed Extra Thick Egg filled with smaller chocolate filled eggs.  It's gorgeous!  Sean was also lucky to win a good prize; a medium box of their Signature Collection chocolates.  Armed with our printed emails to confirm our prizes we called into Hotel Chocolat in Newcastle.  The two assistants were lovely friendly ladies who made our treats all the more an enjoyable experience.  My Eggsibitionist egg retails for £26 and Sean's chocolates cost £28!  Very expensive but completely delicious.

54 pounds worth of free choccy!

Next to do was go to Bravissimo where I was expertly fitted by their experienced bra fitters.  I'm currently doing some bra reviews for bra brand Freya so I took one of my free provided for bras along with me to make sure it was the right size.  Alas I would need a slightly larger back band but Freya being the lovely people they are are going to send me a replacement bra.  Bravissimo's assistance and advice is invaluable for my reviews and second to no other bra store fitting service.

After I had my fittings we stopped by Boots for a couple of soft drinks.  Sadly paid for, but if I'd been thinking I could have redeemed my Advantage card points as I had sufficient to pay for them.  Never mind, keep them for next time!

Before heading off I wanted to look around Debenhams.  There were lots of lovely wares on perfectly arranged display tables.  I fell in love with some home decorations.  I wasn't looking to buy anything at the moment so I took some pictures of what I liked.  I'm planning on buying a certain picture I saw online where I found it a little cheaper and I can use my Paypal funds, which makes it all sweeter.

I love this SOOOO much!

I had a browse around the make up and skincare counters and stopped to watch a promo video display of new product Dr Andrew Weil for Origins Mega Bright Skin Tone Correcting Serum.  We had a chat with the Origins consultant who was very friendly and gave me a sample to try.  I love trying new products so I'm pleased to get this trial size premium product.

I've tried some of Clinique's products in the past and I'm currently using their 7 day face scrub.  I had a skin analysis and was told by the Clinique consultant that my skin is combination, and not sensitive as I previously believed.  She booked me an appointment slot for two weeks' time to catch up and gave me trial size versions of the 3 step skincare solution, consisting of Liquid Facial Soap (the proper sample pot was out of stock), Clarifying Lotion and Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion.  The two lotions are a generous 30ml each which should allow me a good amount of time to see how the system works for me.  

So all in all a pretty purse friendly day out.  I do love a good freebie me.  :-)

Becky x


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