A Quick Catch up with Pet Fit Club Bobby

Thursday, 29 March 2012

So, the big day has arrived and the PDSA have announced the participants for the 2012 Pet Fit Club - and my Bobby is one of them!

Even though it's being brought to the attention of the public and media as I speak the process behind the Fit Club has been under way for a month now.

Bobby had her first weigh in at the beginning of the competition at our nearest PDSA branch which is the Middlesbrough Pet Aid Hospital.  There she was assessed by one of the vets and head veterinary nurse who decided Bobby is indeed a little on the overweight side.  The PDSA press photographer was there taking photos of Bobby with me and the PDSA staff and she was a little star.  I think she looked gorgeous with her pretty little face just posing for the camera.  Bless her heaving dewlap and tubby belly.

I don't think I've ever really looked at Bobby in a critical way before.  It's actually been quite difficult and definitely an eye opener to be told Bobby shouldn't be the size she is.  Being a guinea pig girl for 20 years of my life I assumed so much about rabbits and just thought Bobby being a rabbit she was meant to be big.  I hadn't realised I was the one who made her the size she was, that it was not her breed.  I really do think there's similar owners of rabbits out there who not out of intentional ignorance have allowed our bunnies to grow to the size they are.

So we have a lot of lessons to learn and we're trying to put Bobby right.  Bobby has not been getting enough exercise so we want to change her routine, give her more freedom and space.  A new living arrangement may be a positive step forward from her permanent indoor cage but for the meantime Bobby is coming out of her cage for hours of free run around the living room and she's been reveling in it!

I grabbed Bobby in the middle of her playtime for a quick video.  So this is me and Bobby.  :-)

Becky x


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