Anaemia, Hypothyroidism and 1 Fab Mum

Saturday, 17 March 2012

I had an appointment yesterday with my GP to discuss where we go from here regarding my fibromyalgia treatment and to follow up on my blood test results which I had done nearly two weeks ago.  I was all prepared for my bloods being normal but it turned out I'm anaemic to some degree with what looks like a case of hypothyroidism.  'Hypo'thyroidism which means an underactive thyroid, as opposed to the polar 'hyper'thyroidism which is an overactive thyroid.

To treat the anaemia I've been put on iron supplements and something called Levothyroxine for the thyroid problem.  Apparently my TSH levels were high which basically means the thyroid stimulating hormones which are sent by the pituitary gland in the brain to the thyroid are overproducing to overcome the low levels of the substance thyroxine - T4  - in my thyroid.

I actually don't have a clue what that all means and I spent a good few hours googling it all to be baffled by all the different lingo.  What I do know is that the fatigue, tiredness, weakness and pains I've been suffering with may not have been all down to my fibromyalgia.  I do still have FM as I'd already had that diagnosed some years ago, but I'm hoping that a lot of the physical problems are down to my thyroid problem and iron deficiency.

In an ideal world these meds will actually work and it would be amazing if I were to start feeling somewhat more energetic than I feel nowadays.  My doctor says that it will probably take knocking on two months before I see any effect if there's going to be but it's a huge moral boost to think I may be half way to better health than I'm living with right now.

I jumped on the phone to my mum the minute we got back in the house.  Mum said "drink orange juice when you take the iron tablets because it will help the iron work quicker and more effectively".  Sound advice from my trusty mum.  Another reason why she's the best and deserves a fab Mothers Day.  :-)

Which brings me to the big day tomorrow.  I actually saw my Mum on Thursday and won't be making it there tomorrow but I did give her a gift and a handmade card.  The cross stitched keepsake I made was something I stitched as it came to me (backstitch, cross stitch, long stitch, french knots and seed beads) and the frame was what belonged to my late Grandma (my mum's mum.)  She was moved by it and I felt my eyes well up.  I love my Mum!

2 cards for 2 mums - handmade by me!

Becky x


Fiona Jane Ross said...

Interesting blood test results! (I know I'd be shocked if mine actually came back conclusive these days...!) With the iron tablets, definitely take them with orange juice, or with a vitamin c supplement, I have to take mine with ascorbic acid (which is vitamin C) to help them be absorbed.

Hopefully the levothyroxine will help you feel better, I really hope it does!

I love the gift you made for your mum, you're very talented!

Fiona :) x

Cavy.girl said...

Hi Fiona, thanks very much! I did make a card too, I should pop a pic up of that too.

So I'm not alone with the iron tablets then! Do you have an underactive thyroid too? It is something that's been funny in the past but my previous GPs have never investigated it. I'm at a different doctors surgery now so I'm hoping they're more on the ball.

Speak to you later. :-)

Becky x

Fiona Jane Ross said...

My thyroid was last tested a year ago, and it was borderline ok then. My mum has a severely underactive thyroid, teamed with being a type 2 diabetic so really struggles, and for that reason the drs thankfully seem to like to keep an eye on me!

I'm glad your new surgery is better. When I lived at home the doctors were terrible but thankfully since moving to York I've had better luck, especially with my current doctor who seems to accept that I possibly know more about fibro than him... haha!

Cavy.girl said...

Good job your doctors seem on the ball then. I can imagine having underactive thyroid with diabetes to be a nightmare.

I keep forgetting you're only in York, used to talking to people across the world or at least at the bottom of the country. My sister and her family live in York too. You're in a lovely place!


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