Katy Perry's Feeling Blue...

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

So, Katy Perry is starting the new year facing a divorce from beau Russell Brand.  I haven't got a clue why and how they came to this point and, through all the magazine and newspaper speculations and allegations, I don't really give a monkeys.  I do because I love Katy Perry but I'm not interested in gossiping about her love life, I don't think it's very fair when it's a personal deal to them.  I was kinda using the blue theme to give me a cheap swing onto my actual topic but I've probably spoiled it now...

Katy Perry has dyed her hair blue again!  I noticed only last month she'd had her hair cropped, and I think it looks really cute.  Katy can pull off any look though, I'm sure, but it is a refreshing change to see her like this.  Katy came onto the scene over here in the UK in 2008 when she had dark hair, we never knew her as her blonde Katy Hudson.  Throughout the One for the Boys album her hair remained relatively the same until the California Gurls song from her second album, Teenage Dream, came out and we were introduced to wacky haired Katy.  She seemed to have grown her hair out to this point but I ended up losing track of how long or short or brightly coloured her hair was or not because of the use of wigs.

Personally I like Katy dark haired, despite her natural blonde and her opting for a more Smurf-like do now.  (Which is funny because when Katy voiced over for Smurfette she actually reverted back to a shade of natural blonde and not the blue we've seen).  I think deep brunettes are pretty cool with a sexy allure.  I'm one of them.  I should know ;-)  But, I'm sure Katy will always be a different hue haired girl and no matter what her hair colour, she'll always be enthusiastically in your face.

I hope Katy does still use her wigs, because they're cool and quirky and because I've just bought a Katy Perry blue hair wig.  I'm working on a really funny project at the minute that I'm hoping to bring to Youtube in good time.  It would be awesome for Katy to actually see what I'll be doing too, because I'm sure she'll love it.

In two days time I have an imminent hair colour change because I model at Saks Academy and they have L'oreal coming up.  I was just planning on having another shade of brown, touch up my roots (cover my grey *ouch*), but now Katy has had her hair cut short and now redyed an electric blue, I may need to step up the mark?  We shall see, ay!

Becky x


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