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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Cruising about the web as I do, I came across Heat magazine's website, Heatworld.  Having a bit of a browse I came across some more Katy Perry goss, and being a big KP fan myself I had to have a look.  I thought I'd landed on my own blog because I arrived at a page entry called 'Katy Perry's feeling blue'.  Now I'm either being stalked by the UK's hottest celeb mag or I'm a damn good writer who needs to be given a job there!

My blog,  dated 16th Jan (left) and Heatworld, dated 17th Jan (right)
And to those who remember me saying I was getting my own hair done today, I'm sorry to say I didn't go blue.  Not that I had the choice!  It was at Saks Academy and the L'oreal rep was down and it was only root touch up and full colour on the menu today.  I quickly grew a dislike to my hair colour before, I felt it was too orange, so went for a slightly cooler all over colour.  Apparently I can go for something more drastic in the coming months, so we'll see! Though by that time Katy's probably gone orange...

Becky x


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